Leadership means to influence and motivate others to accomplish a particular task. Ghandi, Mandela and Churchill are considered to be some of our greatest leaders of all time. But what makes a truly great leader? 

Former US Army soldier, Blake Repine, capitalised on the skills he learned in the military to successfully transition to various leadership roles in the private and government sectors. His Army experience taught him the key traits required to be an effective leader: strategic thinking; self-discipline; careful research; real listening; and good conversations; attributes that he discovered translate equally well to the corporate world. He has learned from the very best and the very worst of leaders. 

Now Blake has assembled all his accumulated wisdom and practical knowledge in his book, Soldier to Executive: Applying Army Leadership Principles to the Corporate World, in the hope that others will benefit from his experiences learning how to lead. In combination with his many academic qualifications, Blake’s unique mixture of theory, hands-on experience and detailed research make this book a valuable resource for anyone who aspires to be a great leader. 

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